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Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting Contractors in Boone, NC

Commercial painting contractors
For commercial painting contractors around Boone, see Pell Painting.

Pell Painting Company can provide you with over thirty years’ experience as commercial painting contractors. Our vast experience allows us to provide you with a comprehensive range of services. There’s cosmetic painting for interiors, exteriors, walls, and floors to give your building and business spaces a fresh and clean face. Don’t settle for anything except your complete satisfaction. Rely on us for all your commercial painting needs. Call us, Boone’s premier professional painting contractors at (828) 964-2834 to discuss your project or to request a professional consultation.


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The Commercial Professionals at Pell Painting Company

For over thirty years, Fred Pell and his team at the Pell Painting Company have been servicing businesses, like yours, in and around the Boone NC area. Your commercial interiors are always a custom job. Whether you own an office building, retail store, shopping mall or restaurant, each job is unique in and of itself.


We have the expertise to handle your job regardless of its complexity. In addition, the exterior appearance of your business can be critical. It's a reflection of you and your business so it is imperative it is done by professional painting contractors. Call us at (828) 964-2834 today and we'll get started right away.