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Boone Mural Painter Fred Pell

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If you’re home or office might need a mural painter turn to Pell Painting in Boone.

Showcasing a custom mural in your home or outside your place of business can make a strong statement that reflects your style and taste. Mural artist Fred Pell has been painting art murals for nearly thirty years. If you’ve considered doing bedroom wall murals or murals for kids, you’ve found the place. It also doesn’t matter if it’s large wall murals or murals for your business. We pride ourselves on being able to take any image or idea you might have and turn it into a work of art. To learn more, call us at Pell Painting today to schedule your free estimate.


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Mural Artist and Room Painter Fred Pell

Humans have been painting on walls since the dawn of time. Some of the most famous and recognizable art murals were painted during the Renaissance such as Da Vinci's The Last Supper. Perhaps seen in murals in public, such as on the outside of commercial or public buildings. Maybe a friend has one in their home. Now you can do the same. Mural artist Fred Pell has spent the last thirty years perfecting his skills. He can paint small decorative pieces or even entire walls for you. To discuss your ideas for your home call him at (828) 964-2834 today for a free estimate.