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Refinishing old furniture starts with a call to Pell Painting, the Boone furniture refinisher.

When you need to refinish furniture, it can be a hassle. You have to gather supplies, clean the piece, strip the old finish using chemicals and then sand and sand and sand some more. If your project has a lot of intricate details, this could take hours; if not days. And that's just getting the piece ready for the new finish. The good news is that you do not have to go through all that time and effort. Pell Painting also handles refinishing old furniture and creates beautiful restorations. Call us at (828) 964-2834 and we'll get started today on your special project.


Call (828) 964-2834 for furniture refinishing.

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It may be sentimentality or simply frugality, but you might be one of the many homeowners who refuse to part with your dining room sets, dressing tables, desks or chests that may have been your family for several generations. Or you might be like some people who find old wooden furniture more charming than the contemporary styles. Whatever the case, when you want to refinish furniture, it means you have to go through a lot of work, which takes much of your time.


Hiring a professional furniture refinisher means your furniture will come back to you in perfect condition and ready to stay in your family for more generations to come. Call us at (828) 964-2834 and we'll lovingly treat your old furniture as if it were our own and make it beautiful.